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Lucky in the Corner

“Carol Anshaw is an ingenious and generous-souled storyteller, deliciously funny while she’s being serious (or is it the other way around?). Lucky in the Corner complicates its portraits of mothers, daughters, friends, lovers (and dogs), with profound shadows that make them wholly real and, in spite ofor maybe because oftheir confusions and conflicts, mightily endearing.”

—Rosellen Brown

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Seven Moves

“Engrossing…it deftly explores the varying forms identity can take when complicated by love and desire.”

—New York Times Book Review

“The exquisite intelligence of the prose, the focus on sexual fascination, and the deft portrayal of a relentlessly contemporary American scene [all] remind me of John Updike’s work.”

—Boston Globe

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“The most original American novel in years.”

—Chicago Tribune

“This is a swift, tender, highly intelligent book – an original theme, a strong voice…vigorous and humane.”

Shirley Hazzard

“Anshaw’s vision is so generous and all-encompassing…we’re left…with the feeling that human beings are so complicated and interesting that we all could have ended up anywhere, doing anything…Anshaw seems to have had a lot of fun writing this book, and it’s a delight to read.”

—Village Voice Literary Supplement

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  1. Just found your website after reading your review of And A Dark Sacred Night. I loved the book with one vague but major misgiving that you captured perfectly: “What Glass doesn’t get at is the monster cage match — the raw power of love, ignition of nerves, pure blue flame of hatred each of us can feel for this small collection of others we never asked for and yet are bound to.”

    I just ordered Carry the One and can’t wait to read it. Glad I found you!

      1. Between my comment on 5/30 and a few days ago, I’ve read all your novels. What a treat to find someone new and be able to open one book after another. I’m actually just flat out floored by what a good writer you are. I’ve marked up all of them and thought to write you specifics of what I liked best but the days keep passing……

        Lucky in the Corner was the last one. I can’t say I liked it all more than the others (though I’m tempted) but all the places where I made notes on your characterization and details pretty much make the text unreadable. I want to know Fern and Nora. No, I do know them. I want more of them. Lucky was lucky.

        How can I not have heard of you? How, at my advanced age (let’s just say I survived the Haight and appreciate your Dead reference), can I even begin to aspire to that level? Despite ten years of writing and workshops and back to school and all of it– I’m still back in the beginning compared to you. What you have is so special. You combine story-telling and craft in a way that to me is perfect. So.. congratulations!

      2. oh thanks for all this praise. I am so glad you connect with what I’m trying to do. and don’t give up. I was not a very promising writer in the beginning. I just wanted to write so much that I stuck with it and gave up a lot else to keep banging my head against the wall. eventually, the wall gave way. also, once you get better, you make a jump and a lot is easier, which frees you up to show off a little with style, push deeper with ideas. keep me posted on your progress.

  2. Good advice! I’m not as beginning as I made myself sound–I had an agent for my first novel (no sale) (JVNLA actually though I see you’ve moved on, as have I–involuntarily). Second one ready for the gauntlet. But I love the advice about showing off and going deeper both. The wall giving way–that’s what it’s all about for me.

    There are infrequent books I read (out of many) that help me become better at craft and yours are definitely in that category. Thanks again!

  3. Can’t wait for your new book to come out. Carry the One is the only book my library here in Victoria, BC has of yours. Judy Lightwater

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