gay caballeros—I found this photo online. it probably dates from the 1940s, a couple of valleys over from brokeback mountain.



children at tuam—last year a septic tank was found underground in what was the back garden of a mother-and-baby home for unwed women and their illegitimate children in tuam, ireland. the remains of as many as  700 neglected children were in the tank. the nyt ran a story on this discovery:
the photo from which I made this painting is likely from the 1950s and appears to be a first communion portrait of some of the children who at lease made it to 7 years old.




photo booth


the age of innocence


“three young men who stole the decade”

[w.h. auden, stephen spender, christopher isherwood in their oxford days]


Ida Gross and Wanda Pitz, friends of my mother





self-portrait oil on wood panel 12

self-portrait oil on wood panel 12″x22″ 20155




t.e. lawrence

t.e. lawrence oil on canvas 16″x20″