1. the cover made me buy the book , but I didn’t like the novel at all , I had to leave it , somehow it had no flow to me , I’ll give it to a friend ans ee what she thinks. sorry !

    1. I just finished it and absolutely loved it. I read a wide and varied range of books and this was one of my favorites of the recent past. I thought the characters were real – I know people like these. Your prose is beautiful and unique. I love the relationships between the siblings.

  2. I have to agree with Inge. You are obviously an extremely talented writer, but the characters seemed somewhat stuck in stereotype and the story line (people affected for the rest of their lives by the dead child)didn’t track for me. Jean Thompson used a similar chrnological technique in The Year We left Home; I found her novel much more compelling.

  3. This book is impeccable. So much about the characters remind me of my own fragile family. I am so grateful to have been recommended this book. It’s not too often that characters linger with me as heavily as Carmen, Alice, and Nick have.

  4. This book was great! My favorite character was definitely Nick, because I loved his take on life. I’m impressed that he approached and then kept in touch with Casey’s family. I was also kind of sad for him, because I desperately wanted him to overcome his addiction and make something of his life in memory of Casey.

    Just wanted to say thanks for inspiring me! I’m an aspiring writer, editor and publisher about to finish college, and it’s books like these that make me keep writing every day to plow through the writer’s block.

    Just wanted to say, I bought a copy of the book in Grand Central Station and the cover is printed upside and backwards from the rest of the novel! I think this gives Carry The One an edge though, regardless. It kind of symbolizes the upheaval of the lives of the Kenneys in a way, I guess.

    1. I’m happy you took the upside down cover as metaphor, but in truth, it is a production error. I’ve put my editor onto this matter. and more importantly, thanks for liking the book. and for liking nick in spite of his failings.

  5. I just finished reading Carry the One late last night-couldn’t put it down until I knew what happened to these intriguing characters whose humanness (hopes, flaws, and all) touched me very deeply. And today, I am still thinking about them.

    I loved this book! It is well-written and fresh. Thank you!!

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