the hard parts

my least favorite parts of writing a novel are:

a] the very last go-over when I’m alternately weary with the manuscript and jolted with electric fear at seeing a character wearing yellow socks when a few pages earlier I’ve had them pulling on red ones

and where I am now, which is

b] the early roughing out when all my characters look like claymation figures and I’m still wondering where they’re all going.

at least I have been able to do a good bit of this here in amsterdam, looking over a canal, leading a much smaller version of my regular life.


  1. Read ‘LSOTL’ as you suggested. If I’m not mistaken you said something about it being your best writing-I’m probably wrong. I’ve lost that thread-our emails back and forth. Anyway it’s a great short story. Both of us loved it. But to compare any short story to your full length work is…I don’t know. You’d be underselling the importance of your novels. I’ll keep tracking down your work between writing and working. I know you have other short work, and I haven’t read ‘Seven Moves’ yet. Let us know if you ever do a reading or signing in Florida. Sincerely, Louis

    1. louis, last speaker is my best story. stories and novels are hard to compare. for me this is because with a story, you only need to know/show just so much about a character. with a novel, I have to think through a whole character for the length of a longer narrative. thanks for writing.

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